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Astrid Benohr Biography
Astrid Benohr (born 8 October 1957 in Bergisch Gladbach) is a German athlete, multiple world champion and world record holder in various Ironman disciplines. Her 1997 world record in the quintuple ironman (about 74 hours) is more than 2 hours less than the men's world record; her 1999 world record in the deca (ten-fold) ironman (about 187 hours) is about 5 hours less than the men's world record. She also holds the women's world records in the double, triple and quadruple ironman. In 2001, at age 44, she became world champion in the triple ironman, finishing before the male world champion. She has also won women's world championships in the double, quintuple and deca ironman.

She began to run in her twenties, to aid her efforts to stop smoking. She started collecting ironman titles in 1987. She works without a coach. She is a houswife and has three children, born in 1980, 1981 and 1985.

In an interview in 2003, she said that sex at the night before a competition helps, as it relaxes and leads to deeper sleep.
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