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Santiago Calatrava Biography
Santiago Calatrava is a Spanish architect.

Born: July 28th 1951, Valencia, Spain

Calatrava's unique and highly influential style combines a striking visual artistic style with a solid knowledge of engineering. Often inspired by natural forms such as the cantilevered skeletons of dinosaurs, his works have elevated the design of such mundane civil engineering projects such as bridges to new heights.

Notable Works:

Telecommunications tower at the Montjuic Olympic Plaza, Barcelona (1992)
Alamillo Bridge, Seville, Spain
Bach de Roda Felipe II Bridge, Barcelona
Trinity Bridge, footbridge over River Irwell, Salford, England
Lyon Railway Station, Lyon, France
Stadelhofen Station, Zürich, Switzerland
Oberbaumbrucke, Berlin, Germany
Alameda Bridge, Valencia
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Calatrava has also submitted designs for a number of notable projects which were eventually awarded to other designs, including the Reichstag in Berlin and the East London River Crossing. This last in particular was a very elegant and bold design which was considered by most to be a far more worthy design to that actually built.
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