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Miguel Cancel Biography
Miguel Cancel (born 1968) is a former member of Menudo. Miguel joined the band in 1980 and was portrayed on the band's first album after joining. Miguel became an instant hit among Menudo fans because his song on that album, Fuego, shot to the top of the charts.

Miguel was the good guy of the group. He was a member during the world wide Menudo craze era. In 1982 Miguel participated in a duo with Xavier Serbia in Menudo's Quiero Ser album. They sang Rock en la TV together in that album. He also sang Es Por Amor and the heart touching Cuando Pasara, a song which talked both about parents who abandon their children and parents who die too young to see them grow.

Miguel left Menudo before his mandatory time to leave was due, because he wanted his life to be more like a normal, non famous person. He was replaced by Roy Rosselló.

He joined El Reencuentro in 1998 and they went on a worldwide tour and recorded a cd singing their old songs from the time they were members of Menudo.

Miguel loves being in contact with his fans, and always personalizes his autographs when people ask him for one. (Personalizing an autograph is putting the autograph receiver's name on it, for example : To Isabel, from Miguel Cancel).

He is married to a Black model and currently lives in Los Angeles.
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