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Marciano Cantero Biography
Marciano Cantero (born August 25, 1960) is an Argentinian singer and musician. He is the leading singer of Los Enanitos Verdes, an internationally acclaimed rock band. Cantero was born in the province of Mendoza.

Cantero was nine when he first heard The Beatles sing. He includes The Beatles as one of his most important influences in music. He tried to buy all of the Beatles albums during that era.

Cantero was able to buy a below price Bajo with his savings, and started to practice that instrument, with his older brother's help.

After graduating high school, Cantero took on a second hobby: he liked model airplanes. His father would soon buy him a brand new bajo, and he attended many concerts in Argentina. An important fact about these concerts he attended was that many of them were underground concerts, because the militarized government of Argentina would not allow many rock concerts.

In 1979, he was joined by Felipe Statli and Daniel Piccolo. As Los Enanitos Verdes, they struggled at first, but eventually they became idols in Mendoza. Later, they went to Buenos Aires, where they would also struggle performing in bars and clubs before recording their first album.

After a label change, Enanitos Verdes began their internacionalization with CBS Argentina and became famous around Latin America.
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