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Capucine Biography
Capucine (January 6, 1931 - March 17, 1990) was a European actress.

Born Germaine Lefebvre in Toulon, at the age of 17 she became a fashion model, adopting the name Capucine (which is a type of nasturtium), and eventually working for Givenchy in Paris. She made her film debut at age 18 in Rendez-vous de juillet, and was briefly married to French actor Pierre Trabaud. After making several movies for Hollywood, of declining quality, and after ending her relationship with William Holden, she moved to Europe where she made films in several languages, including French and Italian. She also had a close friendship with Dirk Bogarde who, despite his own sexual ambivalence, seriously considered marrying her. She struggled throughout her life with manic-depression, and committed suicide in Lausanne by jumping from her apartment window.

Song Without End - 1960
North to Alaska - 1960
Walk On the Wild Side - 1962
The Pink Panther - 1964
What's New, Pussycat - 1965
Satyricon - 1969
The Trail of the Pink Panther - 1982
The Curse of the Pink Panther - 1983
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