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Rudolf Caracciola Biography
Rudolf Caracciola (b. January 30, 1901 at Remagen, Germany, d. September 28, 1959)

Caracciola, born in Germany to a hotelier family, was a champion racer in Europe in the Grand Prix motor racing era. His career extended into the early days of Formula One.

Nicknamed "The Ringmeister" for his success at Nurburgring, Caracciola began racing as an employee for Daimler Benz in 1922. After his Grand Prix debut in 1925, he formed a team to race full time.

He made history in 1931, becoming the first non-Italian driver to win the Mille Miglia. Caracciola was the European driving champion three times even in the light of devistating injuries and the death of his wife in an avalanche.

After spending World War II in exile in Lugano, Switzerland, Caracciola returned to the track in the late 1940s. Age and injuries took their toll, the love for driving was there but he did not have the success he had before the War.

Caracciola died of a bone disease in 1959.
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