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King of the West Franks Carloman Biography
Carloman (died 884), king of Western Francia, was the eldest son of King Louis the Stammerer, and became king, together with his brother Louis III, on his father's death in 879.

Although some doubts were cast upon their legitimacy, the brothers obtained recognition and in 880 made a division of the kingdom, Carloman receiving Burgundy and the southern part of France. In 879 Boso, Count of Arles took Provence from the Franks. In 882 Carloman became sole king owing to his brother's death, but the kingdom was in a deplorable condition partly owing to incursions from the Norman raiders, and his power was very circumscribed. There were revolts of the feudal lords even in Burgundy.

Carloman met his death while hunting on December 12, 884.
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