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Nydia Caro Biography
Nydia Caro (born c. 1950 in New York, New York to Puerto Rican parents), is an internationally famous Puerto Rican singer.

Caro made her debut in show business acting at an NBC television show. In 1967, shortly after her father's passing, she moved to Puerto Rico and released her first album. She has released 20 internationally acclaimed albums and CD's since.

Caro had poor Spanish skills when she travelled to Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, she was hired immediately to co-host a popular teen show by channel 2 ("Show Coca Cola") and she enlisted at the University of Puerto Rico to improve her Spanish skills.

The decade of the 1970s was very successful for Nydia Caro. In 1970, she won the "Festival de Bogota". In 1972, she went to Tokyo, Japan, where she sang La Borinquena before the world Heavyweight boxing championship fight between George Foreman and Jose Roman. The Ring En Espanol remarked that her singing of the Puerto Rican national anthem probably lasted longer than the fight itself. In 1973, she won the prestigious "Festival de Benidorm" in Spain, and in 1974, she won the equally prestigious Festival OTI.

Nydia Caro retired to a more private life during the 1980s, marrying producer Gabriel Suau. She did continue on releasing CD's. during that decade.

In 2000, she made her Hollywood debut by participating as "Isabelle" in Guilty by Suspicion.
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