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Adam Carolla Biography
Adam Carolla (born May 27, 1964) is a comedic television and radio personality. He is often known for co-hosting The Man Show on Comedy Central. Carolla left The Man Show at the same time as his good friend and co-host Jimmy Kimmel, even after reportedly being offered $50,000 an episode to continue. Currently he is co-hosting Loveline, a radio program produced by Westwood One, which was also previously a mainstay on MTV. Also co-hosting the show is Dr. Drew Pinsky, Board Certified Physician and addiction medicine specialist. Adam also works on, and is a regular guest of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Carolla, along with Kimmel created another TV show named Crank Yankers for Comedy Central. They are also the heads of Jackhole Productions.

Carolla came from blue-collar roots and was on his own at the age of 18, where after graduating high school he worked as a carpet cleaner, carpenter, and a boxing instructor. In his late twenties he was discovered as a comic talent by Kimmel while working as a boxing instructor.

Carolla has also done voiceovers for cartoons, including the Grim Reaper on Family Guy, and at least one occasional character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
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