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Kim Deal Biography
Kim Deal (born June 10, 1961) is an American musician.

Deal became a bassist and vocalist for the Pixies, a rock band, in 1986, initially under the stage name "Mrs. John Murphy". In 1989 she joined Tanya Donelly and Josephine Wiggs to form a band called The Breeders.

At the height of The Breeders' popularity in the mid-1990s, they scored a number of MTV hits. Although the band went into stasis in 1994, they never officially split up, and in 2002 returned with a new album Title TK. During this nearly 10 year hiatus, Kim kept busy by forming, recording, and touring with The Amps.

In 2004, Kim returned to a newly reunited Pixies and headed off on a tour with them around North America through April and May. There are indications that there is work on a new Pixies album at this point.

Although Deal co-wrote only a few of the original Pixies songs, including one of their most notable early songs, "Gigantic", the first new Pixies song to appear since the reunion, "Bam Thwok", was written by her.
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