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Eadbald of Kent Biography
Eadbald (d. January 20, 640) was a King of Kent (616 - 640).

He succeeded his father ∆thelbert as king. At first, Eadbald renounced his baptism, rejected Christianity, and married his father's widow. He was later converted by Laurence of Canterbury, recalled Mellitus and Justus, and built a church at Canterbury. (However, the historian D. P. Kirby argued that Bede's account is confused, and that Eadbald was more likely to have been converted by Justus.)

He also arranged a marriage between his sister ∆thelberg and Edwin of Northumbria, later taking her and Paulinus back when Edwin died in 633.

Eadbald married the Frankish princess Emma, daughter of Theudebert II of Austrasia, possibly in 624, and they had a son called Eorcenberht, who succeeded Eadbald as king.

Gold coins are known from Eadbald's reign, minted at London and inscribed "AVDVARLD".
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