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Lydia Echevarria Biography
Lydia Echevarria is a famous Puerto Rican actress.

She married Luis Vigoreaux, who produced many hit television shows like El Palo Encebao and Sube Nene, Sube in Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV during the decade of the 1960's and 1970's. She co hosted the shows with him and together, they became one of Puerto Rico's most famous couples. They had two daughters, Vanessa and Glendalys, who joined Roberto Vigoreaux and Luisito Vigoreaux as kids of Luis Vigoreaux.

In 1982, Luis Vigoreaux allegedly started seeing model Nydia Castillo on the side, and in 1983, he was found inside his car, burned to death. Almost immediately, a large part of the public started pointing fingers at different people, and in 1984, Lydia Echevarria was accused formally of her husband's death. Her trial became one of the most famous trials in Puerto Rican history, with a large circus atmosphere because of who she is.

In 1986, she was found guilty and sent to prison for 254 years. However, in 1999, and seeing as her health deteriorated with diabetes and other ailments, Puerto Rican governor Dr. Pedro Rosselló indulted her, and she was able to leave jail with a special arrangement where she agreed to be home by 8 pm every night, and since then she has been participating in theater plays and some tv shows, with the condition that those shows and plays are conducted always during the day.
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