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Albert Edelfelt Biography
Albert Edelfelt (21 July 1854 - 18 August 1905) was a Finland-Swedish painter.

Albert Edelfelt was born in Porvoo, Finland. His father Carl Albert was an architect. Edelfelt admired Johan Ludvig Runeberg who was a friend to the family. He studied in Antwerp (1873 - 1874), Paris (1874 - 1878) and St. Petersburg (1881 - 1882).

He married baroness (vapaaherratar) Ellan de la Chapelle in 1888 with whom he had one child.

Queen Blanca (1877)
Duke Karl Insulting the Corpse of Klas Fleming (1878)
A Child's Funeral (1879)
Portrait of Louis Pasteur (1885)
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