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John Ehrlichman Biography
John D. Ehrlichman (March 20, 1925 - February 14, 1999) was a close advisor to President Richard Nixon and a key figure in the Watergate scandal.

Ehrlichman won the Distinguished Flying Cross in World War II. He graduated from Stanford University School of Law in 1951, and eventually became a partner in a Seattle law firm. He was a tour director during Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign. Following Nixon's victory, he became a member of the inner circle, one of the Nixon's closest advisors. He and close friend H. R. Haldeman were referred to jointly as "the Germans."

As a result of Watergate, Ehrlichman resigned. He was convicted of conspiracy and perjury in 1975 (along with John N. Mitchell and H. R. Haldeman), for which he served 18 months in prison.

Following his release, he later became a talk-radio host. Ehrlichman died of diabetes complications in 1999.
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