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Eleanor of Castile Biography
Eleanor of Castile was the name of one queen consort of England (see below) and three queens consort of parts of what is now Spain:

Eleanor of Castile (1202-1244), queen consort of Aragon: daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile; wife of James I of Aragon
Eleanor of Castile (131x-1359), queen consort of Aragon: daughter of Ferdinand IV of Castile; wife of Alfonso IV of Aragon
Eleanor of Castile (136x-1416), queen consort of Navarre: daughter of Henry II of Castile; wife of Charles III of Navarre; mother of Blanche of Navarre

Eleanor of Castile (1244- 1290) was the first queen consort of Edward I of England. Eleanor was born in Castile, Spain, the daughter of Ferdinand III, King of Castile and Leon. Her given name was Leonor (she was called Eleanor in England). She married Edward, the son of Henry III of England, in October 1254 at Burgos and became queen in 1272 when his father died and he became king. Theirs was one of the most successful royal marriages of all time, and she often accompanied her husband on his military campaigns, giving birth to his fourth son (later King Edward II of England) at Caernarfon in 1284, immediately after the conquest of Wales. She gave birth to sixteen children all told, six of whom survived into adulthood, but only two or three of whom outlived their parents.

Eleanor died on November 28, 1290, at Nottingham (believed actually Harby, Nottinghamshire rather than the city), and her body was returned to London for burial at Westminster Abbey. Such was Edward's devotion to her that he erected memorial crosses at each overnight stop. Three of these "Eleanor crosses" are still landmarks today, although the most famous at Charing Cross (from which its name derives) is a copy. He did not remarry for nine years, to Margaret, daughter of Philip III of France, in 1299.

The locations of the 12 crosses were as follows: Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford, Geddington, Northampton, Stony Stratford, Woburn, Dunstable, St. Albans, Waltham, Westcheap, and Charing.

Children of Queen Eleanor and King Edward I :

Eleanor -- (17 June 1264 - 12 October 1297) married (1) Alfonso III of Aragon, (2) Henry, Count of Bar
Joan -- (1265 - <7 September 1265) buried in Westminster Abbey
John -- (<10 July 1266 - 3 August 1271) buried in Westminster Abbey
Henry -- (13 July 1267 - 14 October 1274) buried in Westminster Abbey
Katherine (or Julian) -- (1271 - 5 September 1271) died shortly after birth in Israel
Joan of Acre -- (1272 - 23 April 1307) married (1) Gilbert de Clare, 3rd Earl of Gloucester & 7th Earl of Hertford, (2) Ralph de Morthermer, Earl of Gloucester & Hertford
Alphonso -- (24 November 1273 - 19 August 1284) Earl of Chester, buried in Westminster Abbey
Margaret -- (11 September 1275 - 1318) married John II, Duke of Brabant
Berengaria -- (1276 - ~1279) buried in Westminster Abbey
Mary -- (11 March 1278 - <8 July 1332) nun in Amesbury, Wiltshire (England)
Isabella -- (1279 - 1279)
Alice -- (12 March 1280 - 1291)
Elizabeth -- (August 1282 - 5 May 1316) married (1) John I, Count of Holland & Zeeland, (2) Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford & 3rd Earl of Essex
Edward -- (25 April 1284 - 21 September 1327) became Edward II of England, married Isabella of France
Beatrice -- (~1286 - ~1286) died shortly after birth in Aquitaine, France
Blanche -- (1290 - 1290)
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