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Mircea Eliade Biography
Mircea Eliade (March 9, 1907, Bucharest - April 22, 1986, Chicago) was a Romanian historian of religions and writer (fantasy and autobiographical). He spoke 8 languages fluently (Romanian, French, German, Italian, English, Hebrew, Persian and Sanskrit).

In 1928, at the University of Bucharest, he met Emile Cioran and Eugène Ionesco, and the three became lifelong friends. He has been criticized for alleged connections in his youth with Garda de Fier (The Iron Guard), an extreme-right-wing political organization. However, it is not at all clear that the personal associations of his youth had any great influence on his scholarly production, which began after a long period of study in India.

Scientific Books
Alchimia Asiatică,(1935)
Yoga: Essai sur les origines de la mystique indienne, (1936)
Cosmologie si alchimie babiloniana, (1937)
Comentarii la legenda meşterului Manole, (1943)
Techniques du yoga, (1948)
Traité d'histoire des religions, (1949)
Le Mythe de l'eternel retour: archétypes et répetition, (1949)
Le Chamanisme, (1951)
From Primitives To Zen (full text) (

Literary Books
Maitreyi, (1933)
Întoarcea din rai, (1934)
Huliganii, (1935)
Domnişoara Christina, (1936)
Nuntă în cer, (1938)
Pe strada Mântuleasa, (1968)
La ţigănci, (1969)
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