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Warren Ellis Biography
Warren Ellis is a British author of comic books and graphic novels.

Ellis' writing career started in the British independent magazine Deadline with a 6 page short story in 1990. Other early works include a Judge Dredd short and a Doctor Who one-pager. His first ongoing work, Lazarus Churchyard appeared in Blast!, a short lived British magazine.

By 1994 Ellis began working for Marvel Comics, where he took over the failing Hellstorm series with #12 and wrote the series till its demise with #21. He also did some work on Marvel's failing 2099 imprint. His most notable early Marvel work is a run on Excalibur, a superhero series set in Britain.

Ellis then started working for DC Comics, Caliber Comics and, most notably, Image Comics' Wildstorm division, where he wrote DV8, a Gen-13 spin-off series, and took over Stormwatch. He wrote the original Stormwatch series from #37 to 50 with artist Tom Raney, as well as volume 2 with artist Bryan Hitch success. Following the end of volume 2, with issue #11, Ellis and Hitch launched The Authority, a superhero team raising from the ashes of Stormwatch to greater commercial success.

By the end of 1997 Ellis had also started his creator-owned series Transmetropolitan with artist Darick Robertson at DC's Helix imprint. Transmetropolitan got shifted to the Vertigo imprint within a year, but remained one of the most successful non-superhero comics DC published. Transmetropolitan ran for 60 issues (plus a few specials), ending in 2002 at the conclusion of its storyline.

1999 saw the launch of Planetary, another Wildstorm series by Ellis and John Cassaday, and Ellis' short run on the DC/Vertigo series Hellblazer.

Ellis also returned to Marvel Comics to head the "Counter X" line of titles which was intended to revitalize the fringe X-Men spinoff books Generation X, X-Man, and X-Force. The line was not successful, driving Ellis away from mainstream superhero comics for a time.

In 2003 Ellis started Global Frequency, a 12-issue mini-series for Wildstorm and continued to produce work for various publishers, including DC, Avatar Comics, AiT/PlanetLar, Cliffhanger and Homage Comics.

In 2004 Ellis came back to mainstream superhero comics - a "Year of Whoredom", as he put it. He took over Ultimate Fantastic Four and will soon take over Iron Man, both for Marvel, with whom he signed a two-year exclusive work for hire contract.


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Hellstorm - Prince of Lies
Doom 2099
Pryde and Wisdom
Ultimate Fantastic Four (2004)

The Authority
Planetary with John Cassaday
Global Frequency
Tokyo Storm Warning

DC Comics and Vertigo

Image Comics
City of Silence
Ministry of Space

Bad World
Strange Kiss
Stranger Kisses
Strange Killings
From the Desk of Warren Ellis, a collection of essays from Ellis' mailing list of the same name

Lazarus Churchyard
Calibrations, later reprinted as Atmospherics (Caliber Comics)
Available Light, a work of prose and photography published by AiT/PlanetLar
Come in Alone, a collection of Ellis' essays published originally at Comicbookresources
Switchblade Honey, published by AiT/PlanetLar
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