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Rik Emmett Biography
Rik Emmett (born 1953 in Toronto, Ontario) is a founding member of the Canadian rock band Triumph. Emmett left Triumph in 1988 to pursue a solo career. His first solo album, Absolutely, was released in 1990. He is also a writer for Guitar Player magazine and teaches a music business course at Humber College.

1990 Absolutely
1992 Ipso Facto
1995 The Spiral Notebook
1997 Ten Invitations from the Mistress of Mr. E.
1997 Swing Shift
1999 Raw Quartet
1999 The Spirit of Christmas
2000 Rik Emmett LIVE at Berklee
2002 Peace on Earth
2002 The Best of Rik Emmett (compilation)
2002 Handiwork
2003 Good Faith
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