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Eric VII of Denmark Biography
Eric of Pomerania, Erik af Pommern (Danish title) or Erik av Pommern (Eric XIII) (Swedish an Norwegian title), was adopted by Margaret I of Denmark and became king of Denmark (1412-1439), king regent of the Kalmar Union, in Norway (1412-1442) and in Sweden (1396-1439).

He was born in 1382 as the son of Vratislav of Pomerania and Maria of Mecklenburg, grand daughter of Waldemar Atterdag of Denmark and a descendant of Magnus I of Sweden. In 1406 he married Philippa, daughter of Henry IV of England and Mary de Bohun.

In years 1449-1459 he ruled the Duchy of Slupsk (part of Duchy of Pomerania) as Eric I. He died in 1459.
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