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George Elliott Biography
George Elliott (cir 1636 - Tangier Garrison 1668) was probably the illegitimate son of Richard Eliot (b. cir 1614 - unknown), the wayward second son of Sir John Eliot and Catherine Killigrew (1618 - 1689). George's grandson Granville Elliott spent considerable time and effort trying to prove that Richard had in fact married Catherine Killigrew, but was never able to prove this formally. Documents survive showing that Richard died a bachelor and that Catherine was a spinster aged 38 on December 24, 1656.

Little is known of George's early years, but he appears to have married Catherine Maxwell around 1660 at St Mary Somerset in Thames Street, London. By May 4, 1663, around the time of the baptism of his second daughter in London, he was recognised as 'The Doctor' to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment. He reappeared at the Tangier Garrison in Morocco in May 1664 as the 'Chirurgeon to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment at Tangier', where he lived at the Mole, a waterside fortification.

In 1668 George died at the Tangier Garrison, where he was superseded as Chirurgeon by his assistant, Robert Spotswood (September 17, 1637 - 1680), who also married George's widow.


About 1660, George Elliott married at St Mary Somerset London to Catherine Maxwell (c. 1638 - December 1709)


Katherine Elliott (b. cir December 1660 - unknown)
Margaret Elliott (b. cir April 1663 - unknown)
Roger Elliott (c. 1665 - May 15, 1714)
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