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Al Jaffee Biography
Al Jaffee (born March 13, 1921) is a cartoonist, best known for his work in MAD Magazine. He was born in what is now known as Savannah, Georgia.

Jaffee began his career in 1941 working as a comic book artist for several publications, including Marvel Comics. He joined the "usual gang of idiots" (as he calls it) at MAD magazine sometime in 1955. In 1964 he created the MAD fold-in. The MAD fold-in, a feature in which a picture inside the back cover of the magazine is folded to reveal a new "hidden" picture (as well as a new caption), is still one of MAD's signature features and still appears in the magazine.

Jaffee contributed to many features of MAD as both a writer and artist. Some features which he has created include "Snappy Comebacks to Stupid Questions" and "Wouldn't it be great if..." (inventions). Many of these features he has expanded into stand-alone books.

Today Jaffee does commercial artwork for advertisements and illustrates children's books.
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