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Jami Biography
Nour-od-Din Abd-or-Rahman-e Jami (August 18, 1414- November 19, 1492) was the greatest Persian poet in 15th century.

He was born in a village near Jam but a few years after his birth, his family immigrated to cultural city of Herat and he could study Peripateticism, mathematics, Arabic literature, natural sciences and Islamic knowledge at Nezamieh University of Herat.

After that he went to Samarkand city, the important scientific center in the Islamic World and he could complete his studies there.

He was a famous Sufi, a follower of the Sufic doctrine of Naghshbandieh.

Jami wrote 87 books and epistles. Among of them are: Divanha-ye Seganeh (Triplet Divans), the collection of Haft Owrang (Seven Thrones), Baharestan (Spring Land), Nafahat-ol-Ons.
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