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Janosch Biography
Janosch (real name Horst Eckert) (born March 11, 1931) is one of the most well-known German artists and child book authors. He was born 1931 in Zabrze (at that time Hindenburg) in upper Silesia.

After World War II the family went to the west. In the area of Oldenburg Janosch worked in a textile mill. 1953 he went to Munich, where he tried some terms at the academy of arts. Afterwards he worked as a "free artist". 1960 his first book for children appeared in the publishing house George Lentz, which was a friend of him and he was also persuaded to accept the artist name Janosch. In the next 10 years numerous books for children followed with different publishing houses.


1975 he received the literature award of the city of Munich
1979 the German youth literature award
In 1980 over 100 books for children in nearly 30 languages had appeared already. By then he left Germany and lives now on an island in the Atlantic.

See also Tigerente.
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