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Ted Rall Biography
Ted Rall (born 1963 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is a leftist author, columnist and editorial cartoonist. Unlike many editorial cartoonists, his political cartoons usually appear in a traditional comic-strip format.

He attended Columbia University, where he contributed cartoons to the campus newspapers, and graduated in 1991 with a bachelor of arts in history. Rall says meeting Keith Haring in 1986 inspired him to pursue cartooning.

Rall has been criticized by many with regard to several of his cartoons. One in particular, the "Terror Widows" cartoon, which ridiculed the apparent greed of widows of men killed in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack, was considered offensive by many. Rall, commenting on an appearance on Bill O'Reilly's television program, replied to the criticism, "I've done a few lousy cartoons in my time that I'd love to take back, but this isn't one of them."

Rall outraged many with heavy-handed criticism of Pat Tillman.

Rall also raised hackles with his May 4, 2004 Op/Ed "AN ARMY OF SCUM: Or, We're Looking For a Few Good Homosexual Rapists", in which he wrote, "American troops occupying Iraq have become virtually indistinguishable from the SS".

An Op/ED piece by Ted Rall published shortly after the death of former President Ronald Reagan claims Reagan is "turning crispy brown right about now" implying that the former president is burning in hell.

Waking Up In America (1992), cartoon collection
All The Rules Have Changed (1995), cartoon collection
Real Americans Admit: The Worst Thing I've Ever Done! (1996), graphic novel
My War With Brian (1998), graphic novel
Revenge of the Latchkey Kids: An Illustrated Guide to Surviving the '90s and Beyond (1998)
Search and Destroy (2001), cartoon collection
2024: A Graphic Novel (2001)
Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists (2002), editor
Gas War: The Truth Behind the American Occupation of Afghanistan (2002)
To Afghanistan & Back (2003), graphic travelogue
Attitude 2: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists (2004), editor
Wake Up, You're Liberal!: How We Can Take America Back from the Right (2004), prose non-fiction, ISBN 1932360220
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