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Adal Ramones Biography
Adal Ramones (born September 3, 1969) is a Mexican television show host and comedian who is known for his satirical comments on Mexican and international social life.

Ramones is the host of a popular Mexican television show, Otro Rollo, which is produced by Televisa and televised in 53 other countries, including the United States, where the show is transmitted by Univision.

Ramones suffered heart disease for a long period of his life. After several operations, he recuperated. Adal Ramones also suffered, in 2000, a kidnapping.

In February of 2003, Ramones suffered burns to several parts of his body as he was taping his show, requiring hospitalization. He had to wear glasses and a baseball hat for a period of time after this.

On July 30 of that year, American pop star Britney Spears sang at his show, and on September of that year, he led the Pecera del Amor contest, where a man chose between a number of women to pick a future wife. Ramones promised the man and the contest winner that the show would pay for their wedding and he would broadcast it live. Pecera del Amor was later kept as a regular feature and more contestants participate for the chance to meet someone.

In November of 2003, Sylvester Stallone became the second American superstar to participate in the show that year.

Ramones announced in 2004 plans to move to Miami, Florida. In March of that year he suffered an accident, breaking an ankle and requiring crutches.
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