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Alexis Ramos Biography
Alexis Ramos (born 1982) is a Puerto Rican who was born in New York (Puerto Ricans are always considered Puerto Rican, no matter where they were born). He was a contestant of the Protagonistas De La Musica television reality show, where he was trying to earn a music contract with a large record label.

In the year 2000, Alexis moved to Los Angeles, where he taped a demo. After being chosen to compete in Protagonistas, he had to relocate to Miami.

Alexis had been threatened by his showmates 4 times, 3 times because of behavior and one time because of talent.The first three times, the public had voted wildly for him to stay, up to a 76 percent of the public voting for him to stay one time. However, on the weekend from November 22 to November 24 of 2002, only 43 percent of the public voted for him to stay and on November 25, he had to leave the house where the contestants live at. Alexis then was the beneficiary of a rule that allows some of the show's participants to return, provided that they go to a voting with another former participant and the public chooses which one to return When he had his first chance to return, over 20,000 people called to vote for Alexis to come back, and on the weekend of December 13, he was reinstated to the show.

Alexis participated with the rest of the show's contestants in a CD that was released in late 2002.

On the weekend of January 3 to January 5, Alexis visited the menaced chair once again, and he was voted out of the show. However, in a new twist, Telemundo announced that they had accepted fax calls from viewers during that weekend, which constitutes a violation to the show's voting rules. Neither Ramos or best friend Marger Sealey decided to take action against this.

On December of 2003, the internationally famous merengue music group Grupomania announced Ramos as their new member. In January 2004, it was announced that due to a prior contractual commitment Ramos would not be able to join the group.
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