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Marc Warren Biography
Marc Warren is a British actor, born March 20, 1967 in Northampton, England. He is blonde, blue eyed and 5'9"

Perhaps best know for his roles of Edward Leeford/Monks in WGBH/ITV's Masterpiece Theater acclaimed television adaptation "Oliver Twist", Dougie Raymond in the hard hitting British television series "The Vice", and Albert Blithe in HBO's blockbuster mini-series "Band of Brothers".

His first television role was in the long running British television series "Grange Hill".

Most recent roles include:

Ivo Steadman in "No Night Is Too Long", a joint British/Danish/Canadian television production.
Supervacuo in Alex Cox's film "Revengers Tragedy"
Jimmy in "Al's Lads", available on VHS and DVD worldwide
Dominic Foy in the BBC drama "State Of Play"
Billy in "Priciples of Lust", directed by Penny Woolcock
Dr. Chris Singleton in the ITV comedy/drama "Reversals"
Danny in "Hustle"
Joey in "Hellraiser: Deader".
Marc Warren's distinctive voice can also be heard on numerous television and radio adverts throughout the UK.
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