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Samuel Youd Biography
Samuel Youd (born February 12, 1922 in Lancashire) is a British science fiction author. He writes under the following pseudonyms:

John Christopher
William Godfrey
Hilary Ford
Peter Graaf
Peter Nichols
Anthony Rye
He is most known for writing The Tripods trilogy under the pseudonym John Christopher. He did his war service in the Royal Signal Corps 1941-1946. A scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation made it possible for him to pursue his writing career beginning with The Winter Swan. In 1966 he started writing (science-)fiction for adolescents.

The Winter Swan (1949)
The Twenty-Second Century (1954)
The Year Of The Comet (1955) (in USA: Planet In Peril, 1959)
The Death Of Grass (1956) (in USA: No Blade Of Grass, 1957)
The Caves Of Night (in USA 1958)
The Long Voyage (1960) (in USA: The White Voyage, 1961)
The World In Winter (1962) (in USA: The Long Winter, 1962)
Cloud On Silver (1964) (om USA: Sweeney's Island, 1964)
The Possessors (in USA: 1964)
A Wrinkle In The Skin (1965) (in USA: The Ragged Edge, 1966)
The Little People (USA: 1966)
The White Mountains (1967) (Part I of the Tripods Trilogy)
The City Of Gold And Lead (1967) (Part II of the Tripods Trilogy)
Pendulum (1968)
The Pool Of Fire (1968) (Part III of the Tripods Trilogy)
The Lotus Caves (1969)
The Guardians (1970)
The Prince In Waiting (1970)
Beyond The Burning Lands (1971)
The Sword Of The Spirits (1972)
Dom And Va (1973)
Wild Jack (in USA: 1974)
Empty World (1977)
The Prince In Waiting Trilogy (1983) (in USA: 1980)
The Tripods Trilogy (in USA 1980)
Fireball (1981)
New Found Land (1983)
Dragon Dance (1986)
When The Tripods Came (in USA 1988)
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