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Janusz A. Zajdel Biography
Janusz Andrzej Zajdel (August 15, 1938 - July 19, 1985) was a Polish science fiction author. His bibliography includes, apart from numerous short stories and short novels:

Cylinder van Troffa (1980)
Limes inferior (1982)
Cala prawda o planecie Ksi (1983)
Wyjscie z cienia (1983)
Paradyzja (1984)
These books created the core of Polish social fiction. In his books he envisions totalitarian states and collapsed societies. His heroes are desperately trying to find sense in world around them, sometimes (like in Cylinder van Troffa) they are outsiders from a different time or place, trying to adapt to the new environment.

Named after him is the Zajdel, award of Polish fandom.
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